Identify The Real Problem … Head In The Right Direction

This is a simple statement, but normally difficult to implement. Often the problem we identify is merely a ‘symptom’ of the real issue. We assume we are right, but we do not dig down to the root of the problem that is confronting us and consequently we create a solution to the wrong problem. Action Learning  is a powerful, yet simple process that enables organizations (small or large; for profit or non-profit) to assure that it does head in the right direction. The AL team focuses on asking probing questions that enable it to funnel down to the cause of the problem. The AL coach assures that the team stays focused on the process. The coach also helps the team to identify if/when they are in agreement as to the identity of the real issue that must be resolved.

With just two rules and six components, the organization, the team, and the individual all benefit.  You can improve your problem solving capabilities and simultaneously build leadership skills in ‘real time’ while implementing “Action Learning”.