International Country Entry Research

International expansion on your horizon?

  • Let us help you analyze the pros and cons of entering into the international business arena.
  • Allow Strategic Advantage Consulting to help identify the unique criteria that must be established to enable your organization to justify selecting the specific country that it will enter.
  • Using a PESTEL analysis, based on your established criteria, we will narrow down your country choice and make a sound recommendation for your consideration.
  • We will help you choose the most effective mode of entry
  • Strategic Advantage Consulting can also develop your international logistics/distribution, marketing, and business plans.

Already doing business internationally?

We can help with strategic planning, supply-chain and logistics integration, country-specific cultural understanding, and sales training.

Philip Cohen is recognized by the Forum for International Trade and Training (FITT) as a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®). He also holds the designation of FIBP® (Foreign International Business Professional). Let his experience in import / export as well as working with companies in Asia, USA, and Canada guide you to greater success.