Other Methods Work .. Why use Action Learning?

As we move forward in encouraging organizations to use Action Learning, we hope to interact with professionals in the areas of Human Relations Management, Organizational Development, Organizational Change Management, Business Consulting, and Business Management.

No doubt, many OD practitioners and others who are not incorporating AL in their practice will ask “Why should I be interested in AL when the process I advocate works?”  Of course, what is being used does work, however a paper was written by Arthur M. Freedman MBA, PHD, where a comparison is made of the various methods used to help organizations accomplish problem solving and change management.

As the paper indicates, all methods have their place; however AL is a very powerful process that enables problem solving, team cohesion and personal development to occur simultaneously without facilitation.  AL could be incorporated within your practice to help you help your clients.

To read the full article written by Arthur Freedman click the Download button below.

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