Sales Training

There are many excellent sales trainers and sales training programs you can choose from, that, for the most part, are generic in nature. We can do that too!  In fact, clients have reported great results when we train their sales force at being proficient at implementing the 7 step relationship selling model.

However, at Strategic Advantage Consulting, we also encourage analysis of your current marketing and sales initiatives, your sales team, your industry, and competition.  By so doing, we can determine what factors are aiding your sales success or prohibiting your sales force from reaching its set targets. We can then focus the training to overcome those specific issues.

Total success in marketing can only be achieved if all the functional areas within your business are in sync.  Thus, we also address the interaction between all functional departments.  This enables integration with all areas in regard to setting polices and providing necessary resources, to facilitate achieving your sales initiatives.

Philip Cohen has been directly involved in B-B and B-C sales, managing a highly effective sales force, and delivering sales training both in Asia and in Canada. He has also taught Relationship Selling at the college level over the past 15 years.